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Double Barrels and Big Guns at Port Elizabeth

Written on: Friday July 2nd, 2010

A journal entry from: World Cup 2010

Mainly due to a lack of internet access, this 'blog' has turned into little more than a place to store a few photos when time permits. Port Elizabeth needs a few words however.

On arriving in town the night before the game, Jean-Marc, Marie-Michelle and I thought we'd pop into town for dinner before bed. Staying in a swanky area of town, just across the road from St George's cricket ground we thought we'd walk to the nearby Parliament St. It was open mike night at Zanzibar bar - with rappers doing their thing in front of a giant screen. We then moved on to a club a few doors down. It is fair to say that we stood out like extremely sore thumbs, so we were only moderately surprised when a fella we had been talking to at the Zanzibar came up to us and suggested that unless we were 'packing' this wasn't the best place for us to be. I had thought that he was just happy to see us - but Jean-Marc confirmed that it was a gun in his pocket. We moved on.

Brazil v Holland was a cracker. We went to the fan fest afterwards which would have been an enormous party but for Suarez's handball.



From Makailah on Mar 4th, 2013

Lot of stmras in that posting!