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Written on: Wednesday June 23rd, 2010

A journal entry from: World Cup 2010

Popped into Swaziland for a day, just as South Africa bowed out of the World Cup. Highlights included seeing hippos, sleeping in a thatched hut, and swapping my shirt for a souvenir carving. Actually that was pretty touching. There was a small booth at the side of the road where a guy was selling stone carvings. When I asked the price he said that he wanted clothing, food or the equivalent of $2.50. I gave him my shirt and a couple of bananas - which he was VERY grateful for..

 The drive back to Nelspruit for Australia v Serbia was exciting - I had forgotten that the border we were going through closed at 4PM - and had to 'make full use' of the hire car's capabilities over about 40 km of at times dreadful dirt road - we got to the Swazi side of the border at about 3:57, when were were in no-man's-land the South Africa authorities said that we were too late and they were going home and would see us in the morning. This was fortunately a joke and they let us in, curiously giving us visas allowing us to work in the country