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Table Mountain and Robben Island

Written on: Thursday June 10th, 2010

A journal entry from: World Cup 2010

After arriving in Cape Town I picked up my match tickets from a vending machine, which felt odd, but easy and excellent of course. We then got a hire car and found our hostel. We are the first guests to stay in our room, and the place isn't quite finished, but it is clean and the beds are comfortable and warm, so perhaps it doesn't matter so much that there are issues with everything else.

In the mornign we rand the Robben Island tour service and were told that it would be impossible to get on a tour while we were here. We took a train into town and went in person to the operator and two tickets magically appeared. 

With 5 hours until our tour we took an open topped bus around the city - touristy yes, but also very informative. We took the Table Mountain cable car - I was surprised that the top of table mountain was so small - I thought that it might open out into a huge plateau. After walking around there for a while we headed back into town and got on the ferry. We were feeling pretty lucky that we got tickets. It was not lost on us that in the past people may have felt less fortunate to be on their way to the island.

South Africa is going to a lot of trouble to make tourists feel welcome - orgnaising a whale breach a couple of times just near the ferry on the trip to the island was a nice touch.

The tour of Robben Island was sobering, but also inspiring. It was conducted by ex-inmates, who were at pains to thank us for keeping them in work.

The excitement and anticipation about the games is palpable, the vuvuzelas are loud and tuneless and everyone who isn't Mexican is hoping that bafana bafana can stick a couple in the onion bag.


From Andrew on Jun 11th, 2010

Loving the commentary and pics. Even in NZ, all conversations seem to be about the world cup. The fact NZ has a team has no doubt helped - but NZers are under no illusion that they are anywhere in the running - however, the excitement of the whole event can be felt here.