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Written on: Sunday December 6th, 2009

A journal entry from: Japan Thailand Nov Dec 09

Taking advantage of the last few days of my Japan Rail pass, I zoomed over to Tokyo with the aim of seeing some odd people in Harajuku. I was not disappointed. Kyoko kindly hosted me and I had great chats with her and Manu - who was also surfing at Kyoko's at the time (hopefully Manu will send me photos of our night out at the local izakaya). It seems that I have been eating for the whole of my stay in Japan, and Tokyo was no exception. But I also drank in some cultural at the Suntory Museum of Somethingorother and the National Photographic Museum, where there were some excellent photos from the 30s - 60s by Ihee Kimura and Henri Cartier Bresson. My favourite was a photo by Kimura from the back of a stage during a (possibly Noh) performance in the early 30s.