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Written on: Thursday November 26th, 2009

A journal entry from: Japan Thailand Nov Dec 09

After a brief stop in Shinzaike to  say hi to Shady and Miki, I headed down to Fukuoka to catch some Sumo, hosted by the lovely and unfathomably understanding Mies.

The Sumo was excellent. The bouts themselves were intereting to watch, but the relaxed, open atmosphere in the stadium was a very pleasant surprise - no bag checks or security to speak of, the place was crawling with sumo wrestlers coming hither and tither, doing warm-ups and such in the corridors - with more than 50 matches in the day, that means a lot of bulk in the halls.

I was there for the 12th day, which proved to be decisive as before that both Yokozuna had 11 wins, but Asashoryu lost to Harumafuji while Hakuho, who would finish the tournament undefeated beat Kaio.