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Houseboat on the Keralan backwaters

Written on: Thursday November 20th, 2008

A journal entry from: July 08 - Jan 09

Adrian, Ellen and I took a sneaky bus (it was a really nice Volvo bus from Bangalore to Aleppy, but most of the passengers get off in Kochi), from Kochi to Aleppy and got on board Q's friend's houseboat for a day of cruising, relaxing, eating and a night of sleeping on board. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The boat was luxurious, our 2 crew (Camptain Grumpy and Vivacious Cook) were great and the scenery was fantastic. And it was extremely reasonably priced.

We stopped at one point for some coconut and to pick up some fresh lobster for lunch. It was great, but the rest of the food was equally good - in fact I preferred the blackfish to the lobster.

The three of us spent the night talking about modern ways that people socialise. All very deep.

Not much else to say really, other than to recommend that that you take the opportunity to do the same if you are in this part of the world.