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Written on: Sunday November 16th, 2008

A journal entry from: July 08 - Jan 09

The drive from Mysore to Ooty was eventful. The roads, as you'd expect heading up to a hill station, were very windy. Just as we approached the outskirts of town, the driver made an offering to a temple in thanks for a safe trip. Clearly it wasn't enough as almost immediately after we came to the Bridge of Bad Karma (my name for it), where, as you will see in the photo there was a disturbing scene involving 3 horses, and where we had a little bingle with another bus. Oddly this was perhaps the widest road that we had been on for 50 km. I can only assume that our driver was still looking at the horses as he veered into the centre of the road and hit the other bus. Lots of shouting, offers of cash and phone calls were made, until we were eventually on our way.

Ooty has a nice lake number of low quality attractions. The surrounding countryside is beautiful though, and is home to a number of different hill tribes. I decided to hire a guide and go trekking, so I arranged this at a local travel agency. I met my guide early on Sunday morning. I was the only person on the tour, which felt a little weird. The travel agent had to tell the guide where to go, which was a little worrying, and it turned out that he could not speak English, so I didn't go with him . Instead I went for a walk of about 15 km by myself, stopping at the Tribal Research Centre, where the very obliging guard opened the museum (which was locked up because it was Sunday), and showed me all around. And he didn't ask me for any money! (so I gave him some). Apparently one of the tribes here has African origins. No-one quite knows how they got here.

I am about to head off to hopefully get my wait-listed place on the scenic train confirmed - and then get an overnight train to Kochi. So hopefully the next page will have lots of photos of the scenery taken with my good camera from the train.