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Written on: Friday November 14th, 2008

A journal entry from: July 08 - Jan 09

Mysore seems to be a thoroughly decent city, by my standards anyway. The streets and footpaths are broad, there is relatively little hassle from vendors, and the first price quoted by vendors is very often reasonable (i.e. only a little inflated).

Mysore Palace has been preserved in a state that any returning Maharaja would feel right at home straight away. Apparently there is an ongoing court case about the ownership of the building from the current Maharaja who lives in not-so-humble apartments to the rear of the palace. It is a shame that photos are forbidden inside the palace as it was quite unique.

I went on a great tour of the Karnataka Silk Industry Corporation factory, at which again photos were forbidden. there was no guide, but at every stage of the process someone would be happy to stop work for a while and talk us through the step that they were involved in, in making the silk. Although to my eyes some parts seemed like they hadn't moved on from the industrial revolution (the noise levels in the machine rooms and haphazard treatment of what seemed like very toxic dyes looked like they would cause Australian safety officers have a heart attack - never mind the workers!), the staff were uniformly happy and very proud of their work and the company. We got to a part with three signs saying that visitors were forbidden. I pointed this out to a worker who laughed and waved us through.

We also visited the state run sandalwood oil factory. Things were a lot less intense there. People were allowed to sit as they worked, the noise levels were low and the place smelt fantastic. India now imports a lot of its sandalwood from South Africa and Australia apparently.

I had some issues trying to send a package to Australia - see the text under the photo.


From maire on Nov 14th, 2008

'Mysore' reminds me of Robbie's host family and let's go to 'Myhouse'...