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Chilling out in Anjuna

Written on: Sunday November 9th, 2008

A journal entry from: July 08 - Jan 09

2 November: Chilled out, ate some good food, walked by the beach, did some writing in Goa. Not very exciting, but just what the doctor ordered. I was very surprised at the crack-down on everything after 10:30, I was expecting rave parties on Ajuna beach - not a hope with the curfu that is in place. Still it is good to have all of my faculties again.

Update 9 November: well a week has passed and if I wasn't careful it could have been a month. The night spots have started to open up as the 'season' starts. In the past week I visited the state capital Panjim - full of gracefully decaying remnants of Portuguese colonisation - and hung out in Anjuna, doing some writing, reading and having some late nights out. The influx of people over the past week has been remarkable.

I have just booked a bus to Hampi, but may well come back to Anjuna before leaving India. There are a lot of 'long-termers' here whom it would be nice to meet again.