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Brno - Bryes

Written on: Monday August 25th, 2008

A journal entry from: July 08 - Jan 09

Great time in Brno. Got to experience the joys of staying at a 'Pension' - my landlady speaks less English than I do Czech (as I can say yes, no and thank you). It was an amazing task to find the unit in Brno suburbia - at least I got to do some shopping and worry some ladies in a hairdresser (I was trying to ask directions, but they thought I had come in for a perm I think). Had a great day hanging out with super-spy Veronika. Got some yummy ice-cream and had a flashback to my citron gelati addiction of 2006. Checked out the cathedral, Steven Spielberg (OK, so its spelt Spilberk) Castle, got lost and found and am currently swapping between two tables at a cafe - one has a wireless connection, the other has a power outlet that works.