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Brezova pod Bradlom

Written on: Saturday August 23rd, 2008

A journal entry from: July 08 - Jan 09

Stayed with Andrea in Brezova pod Bradlom. Had a fantastic time. Highlights included eating duck and flatbread, going out to see a Depeche Mode tribute band - especially when they invited the local drunks on stage to 'help' and did a million encores - even doing karaoke with the DJ after they had finished. Andrea showed me all around the town and we went to Chachtice castle where a mad woman called Bathory used to kill girls and (maybe) bathe in their blood to stay young. She did that for 25 years apparently, killing 3000 girls. No such problems when I was there. The castle is in ruins - no kiosk, no tickets, no safety barriers. Very refreshing. More photos will follow when I download them from my other camera. Many thanks to Andrea for being so hospitable during my stay.