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World Dip Con Lockenhaus

Written on: Thursday August 14th, 2008

A journal entry from: July 08 - Jan 09

Played in the fantastic World Diplomacy Convention in Lockenhaus, Austria. The tournament was fantastically organised and run http://www.wdc2008.org/en/. The venue was the brilliant Burg Lockenhaus, a castle which, among other things saw a bit of action during the crusades. It was great to meet so many great players, and play on some really interesting boards. I finished 19th, which I was happy enough with. It could have so easily been higher or lower. The con really restored my faith in the hobby and after some 'negotiations' I was persuaded to try to fit another tournament in, in Marseilles in about a month. I will add more photos as I steal them from others - especially keen to add a photo of the succesful 'Four Foreigners' (even though only 3 of us were) quiz team.