Ich liebe kunst Photos

Lines to get into a bunker to see a video of a woman playing a 35,000 year old vulture-bone flute while being watched by a living vulture. Ich liebe kunst!

Small vase on a table about 3 meters away. Like to see more? You can't. = art.

Lots of people had gone to lots of trouble to take all of this stuff to the tip. But if you take it from the tip and dump it around the train station then it is art.

The excellent and disorientating 26 minute video that has you walking around the train station where it was filmed and questioning what is real and what is pre-recorded (the soundtrack was a big part of this).

More video train station action.

Clay shaped like poo on a bed = art.

These guys have seen all 13 dOCUMENTAs come and go.

The Kassel Orangerie housed a couple of exhibits and some fantastic old telescopes and outdated communications technology.

Look how excited Juri is to be looking for bats. Talk about loving your work!

I was stopped by a man who explained he simply had to take a photo of me in this room (with my camera) because my shirt went so well with the art works. = art

Huge dangling frame, framing what you can see anyway = art.

The gentle breeze in the art gallery = art. Goodness me.

I quite liked this piece. In the next room was a video of the artist playing all-American tunes as a one-man-band.

Norwegian anti-Nazi carpet from the 30s = art.

Not part of dOCUMENTA so far as I could tell - but a pretty funky dude on top of a pillar