Yerevan Photos

Crossing the Georgia-Armenia border.

Next to a disgusting hole in the ground toilet was this... on the road from Tbilisi to Yerevan

The minibus to Yerevan


A gay-friendly pub that was torched by facists - forcing the owner to flee the country, Yerevan


Art buying way too much lunch!

Lunch at Geghard

Lunch at Geghard

Garni Pagan temple - looks pretty Roman to me.

Girls hamming it up for the camera, Geghard. Their extra-long hair is part of the costume.

Yerevan train station (where I took a bus south to Goris)

Compare this photo with the one below taken in Japan in March. Both involved throwing stones onto ledges on rocks to have your dreams come true - the differences: it cost 300 yen in Japan for 5 goes, and was MUCH more difficult. I was successful in Geghard. It must be that Catholic upbringing...

Downtown Yerevan - presided over by its chief planner Alexander Tamanyan.

The road south

More dancers posing, this time at Garni.