Baku Photos

Yanar Dag. Nothing unusual here. Except that the ground is on fire - and has been for maybe a thousand years.

Yanar Dag.

In the wild with Abbas.

Yanar Dag + Abbas.

An old Zaroastrian temple - the temple was built around another place where the ground was on fire.

Recycling Baku style. And why not.

Lots of interesting juxtapositions in Azerbaijan. Like the ground being on fire - or the old city, the very new Flame Towers, and a poster advertising the "I [heart with a kiwi in the middle of the heart] absurd". Fair play to you Baku.

Tomb in the old Shirvanshah's Palace, Baku.

Government house and mini-bumper-boats, Baku.

having just got off the overnight train from Tbilisi.