Ich bin ein Currywurst Photos

Not the best.

Currywurst museum

Artist and his art in his studio which was open for the festival.

A very unique woman in her caravan doing a performance art piece about blue stuff.

A woman and her caravan. And the colour blue.

Making Germany's stroll toward top of the group even more palatable.

This fella appears on top of a lot of street signs striking different poses.

A crucial part of the story (she brought people into her caravan to tell it - all of her props were... blue. Actually I think it was about her being evicted.

No flag football here.

Another 5 metres, more art. Ich liebe kunst.

The cells of this disused prison were used as a gallery. Actually the art there wasn't great - but they had a captive audience (it's not funny, even though it is true).

You will not leave until you see all of the art!