Last week in Minamisanriku Photos

"No Natsumi, I don't know why I always forget to make sure my collar is OK."

Peer mentoring - yeah!

Almost time to say goodbye...

JET Program flashback, Shizugawa JHS. These students will soon go on homestay to Australia.

Natsumi turns from student to teacher - helping Oyama san look for Nabe recipes.

Minamisanriku was one of many towns affected by the earthquake and tsunami 1 year ago.

That is about an eighth of the pile of rubbish on the ex-play ground. Yes, that is a full-sized steam engine.

Disaster Prevention Center

The sea is on the other side of the hospital - so the boat lodged on the first floor roof would have been left there as the tide went back out.

About 1.5 km inland (you can see the water in mid-shot).

The mayor paying his respects on the anniversary of the tsunami.