Double Barrels and Big Guns at Port Elizabeth Photos

The Oranje March to the stadium

At the front of the Oranje March (there is a little orange on my shirt in the Irish flag).

Oranje March

Oranje March - what the World Cup is all about - there was a line of cars waiting to be directed by the cop - but they waited patiently as he took time out to dance with a fan.

If you don't want me to do this to you, don't get me a ticket to Holland v Brazil in the 1/4 final of the World Cup.

A ridiculous looking man having a serious conversation with a FIFA official about his confiscated drum. He was told that he could have it back at the end of term - he actually got it back in about 10 minutes - as soopn as the official left.

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

Kuyt is done like a dinner.