Tokyo Photos

One of the day's many odd sights - enclosures (when does an enclosure become a cage?) for dogs of different sizes to be let off their leashes and sniff each other's bums. There was a huge crowd of onlookers for this.

Not many pooches in the under 5 kg enclosure (closest to camera)

Rockabilly dudes, Harajuku Park

Rockabilly dudes strutting their stuff in Harajuku.

The (self-proclaimed?) Head Honcho - whose primary roles seemed to be strutting around, spilling alcohol and occasionally dancing a little, but only when everyone else was gathered around him.

This guy should have been the Head Honcho.

He should stage a coup.

On the fringe.

I hadn't seen anyone really odd until I came across this group. The girl in red was singing along to a barely audible cassette (yes cassette) player, while the other girl grunted and moved about and the pink thing weirded everybody out.

A lot of people go to harajuku to check out people a little weirder than themselves.

With Kyoko at Asakusa - a short stroll from her place.

More action food. Yum!