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This wasn't the time that I had my drink stolen by a money from my backpack. They have no trouble with bottle caps. I also saw a number of thefts of offerings of food for the gods before they were offered.


Whoever said 'don't worry little lady, I'll fix your wagon,' wasn't talking about this...

Sabine, Gerald and Anna waiting for the sunrise at the Hanuman temple, Hampi

pre-sunrise, Hanuman temple.

There is it.

We had a good chat with this Sadhu, who explained the significance of a few of the temples around. He was about to head off in a jeep for the Ganges to bathe for the full moon tomorrow.

Anegondi, just near Hampi. The villagers here kept asking for me to take photos of them or their kids. They would then look at the photos on my camera and be very amused.

There was a bridge crossing this river in the 16th century. There might be one again in the 21st.

Anegondi's muslim school

This guy's dad was very happy to have his son's photo taken. His sister is a little more shy.

The view from my hotel, whose address is 'the other side of the river, Hampi'



The view from my hotel with the address 'The other side of the rive, Hampi'.

I played cricket with these lads for a while. great fun.



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