Chilling out in Anjuna Photos

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach

Beach cows, Ajuna

Ajuna Beach

Business was so slow on Vagator Beach, that this clothes seller was happy to have a chat about arranged marriages, going to work at the age of 10 and wanting to have a smaller family when she gets married at 18 next year.

Vagator Beach, about 3 km north of Anjuna. Walking there was the first exercise I got for a few days.

Vagator Beach


Market day in Anjuna

Bollywood comes to Anjuna - they were setting up for a film shoot. It was all happening very slowly.

Frank (Healer/Warrior) and Max (Manager), long term residents of Anjuna.

With Princess Michael, Paradiso, Anjuna.

Interloper, Reina and Michael.

I am so groovy!