Agra Photos

This counter for train tickets for foreigners and freedom fighters!?

I'm not sure why no one has ever had their photo taken in this spot before...

Taj. I am only about 50m away from it here and still the pollution is obscuring the view.

Taj a bit later in the day, with a little less of the chemical cocktail haze.

Agra fort - immense.

Squint and you might see the Taj. Squinting will also give you the feeling of being there. I was squinting all day because of the pollution.

Agra fort.

An 11th century Moghul door that the English stole and took to Agra fort in the 19th century. The English said that the door was made of cedarwood and had been stolen from the English during the time of the crusades. All hogwash. The door is made from local wood.

Loads of people (perhaps 30 times in groups of 1 to however many are in this photo) throughout the day came up to say hi, shake hands and ask questions about Australia etc. This was by far the biggest single group though. It was all very nice, and made me feel a little bit like a rock star, perhaps I will get discovered by Bollywood after all.

See - it really was me in the throng.