Chandigarh Photos


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Someone who has perhaps gone too far for his fondness of cricket - and an Indian fan.

The little master adds to his world record run tally.

As foreign fans we were sometimes the centre of attention.

Ishant Sharma torments the Australian top order.

And is modest about the adulation.

Did you wash your hands on World Handwashing Day?

Ned Chand's odd garden.

More Chand, more odd.

A list of the hundred or so concession types, with their codes, at the Chandigarh bus station (which is of course where you go to book a train).

Chandigarh bus station

Mohali stadium

How could we walk past this place for dinner? We couldn't, we didn't, it was fantastic.

Ned Chand's Rock Garden

Karim, Kevin, James (on his 21st birthday) and Liam at Nek Chand's Rock Garden

Thriller meets Gumby meets recycled bits of porcelain.



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