Dubai Photos

The family run-about don at the local shops. Really!

Who needs to be able to see the real stars when you are in a 7 star hotel?

Giant key-hole, I think.

One of a few pyramids around town - this one is also a waterslide.

Indoor ski field. It was 35 degrees outside.

LCD fire. Ski chalet restaurant. Middle of desert. Dubai.

Why go outside when you can bring the outside, inside. This was eerily effective. In the Ibn Battuta shopping mall.

Where else could Ibn Battuta meet Zheng He, but in Dubai. This was pretty interesting, two explorers who receive very little press in the west.

I think that is the real moon at the top of the photo but I couldn't be certain.

Looks old. Is new.

Looks new, is new.

The highlight of my time in Dubai. Sharing a game, some tea and a pipe and OT's very cool regular hang-out.