Lewis Photos

The black houses on the west of Lewis. These were occupied until the 1970s.

The black houses

Dun Carloway Broch

Dun Carloway Broch - why was this big defensive structure was constructed 4,000 - 5,000 years ago? Forward planning by the tourist board?

Callanish stones: super.

Callanish stones

Callanish stones

Callanish stones

Callanish stones

Stornoway castle.

Brendan Campbell - one of the friends of 'The boy who trapped the Sun' and friends at the Woodlands in Stornoway. Dangerous thing about having such talented friends - they can upstage you. If you look closely the boy is outside being interviewed - appropriately enough in the sun.

Another friend of the boy

CS host Carole-Anne. Another great ad for couchsurfing - showed me around Stornoway and had loads of useful tourist and music tips.