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Kamloops to Wherever

Written on: Saturday November 25th, 2006


From Lucas on Dec 7th, 2006

You douche bags aren't drinking enough apparently to be putting up a blog... Drink MORE A-Holes! Hah!

From Robbie on Dec 12th, 2006

Hey Fretters!! hows the chew situation down there dog? Hope the trip is all you guys were hoping --> looks like it man!!

From Chad on Dec 14th, 2006

Hey asshole put up more pics... especially ones of naked broads... i hear they don't wear clothes down there

From Chad on Dec 14th, 2006

PS i finally graduated woo hooo.... hookers and blow on me.... any takers?? lucas you know you wanna

From Lucas on Dec 24th, 2006

Hah hookers n'blow! i'm on it! Merry F-in x-mas boys. i'll drink some egg nog in your honor tonight! Chad where was the call last night.. ass :P

From Treviῇo on Dec 25th, 2006

Hey, Hookers and blow? I'm in. Did somebody say naked broads?? Jer?? naked broads? That's ok, me neither... Merry X-mas.. have a drink for me, I know I am for you

From Chad on Jan 7th, 2007

Ok thats better.. more pics.. i'm placated for the moment.. but still no naked broads.... less pics of buildings more naked chickys hahaha..... and i repeat "bravo" if your not a lyin douche....

From Hodson on Jan 26th, 2007

Where are the boobies?

From larson on Feb 8th, 2007

I second the motion from hodson...fuckin lucky bastard