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Tom's travel

Written on: Friday February 8th, 2008

A journal entry from: LOFT to Kingman, AZ

Started 28 Jan for my LOFT on the 29th.  Did the loft and was not happy but my check said that he has seen worse.  Unacceptable for my standards.  Had a trip the next day with another Captain.  We ferried to Seattle and had 62 hours there.  Cousin Joe picked me up on Friday afternoon and went to Pike St. Market to pick up fresh halibut, salmon and huge prawns.  We then went to the Pike brewery and had a beer before heading to his place in west seattle.  I admire Joe and his family in that he is a Ferry.  Ferry's treat their women good and have decent kids.  Joe has his own business that is booming right now.  Very proud of Joe Ferry.

Next leg was a ferry to Honolulu.  5+09 enroute.  Nice short flight.  Got a rental car the next day(superbowl day) and drove across the island to Pali golf course.  I played 18 holes and met some really cool locals.  Traded numbers and made some friends.  I took a different way back so I could see the sites.  Just a beautiful place to be.  Tried body surfing the next day at Waikiki but the waves just weren't big enough.  Good times though. 

Commercialled on Delta back to Atlanta to work a flight the next day.  I called a local friend and we played 18 holes at Charlie Yates near downtown.  His name is Dexter.  A 21 year old student of law who also has a girlfriend who is in medical school.  He said he'll be her lawyer when she gets sued for malpractice.  Smart move. 

 My next trip to Dallas was cancelled so I decided to go to Phoenix instead of Grand Rapids.  My Dad and Stepmom were in phx so I thought I'd pay a visit.  They picked me up at the airport and we took the long way to kingman.  Driving through Sedona was a real treat and the mountains are just majestic.  Going from 70 degrees to 38 degrees in approx. 2 hours.  We saw route 66 too.  Fun. 


It's now time to go play my second day of golf in Kingman.  Cerbat gc in downtown.  We played Valle Vista yesterday.  My dad bought a lot there one year ago and is trying to sell it now. 


Well, there ya have it.  I'm going to jumpseat home on Sunday.  I hope my wife doesn't kick my ass for not being home on our anniversary.  Ouch.