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The departure

Written on: Thursday February 3rd, 2005

A journal entry from: Big Touble in Little China

The seasons were changing, I needed some new clothes... where else is a better place to shop then China. I mean everything is "made in china". So me and a buddy decided that we were going to take a Ferry from Incheon, Korea to Tianjin, China (I had never heard of Tianjin, it's a small town with a population of like only 10 mil, no biggie) I'm pretty sure the only reason why we were going to take the 24 boat is so we could say we actually took the slow boat to China. Pretty excited, the brochure of the boat made it look nice and since we decided to upgrade to business class for the extra 5 bucks we are stoked!

Upon our arrival to board our vessel we couldn't help but laugh as our ship was a run down dirty hunk of shit! Reminded me of an old crappier BC Ferry. Thank god we upgraded classes by the way, the normal accomadation slept like 64 in one room, ours slept 4 and had our own TV. Which I could tell was going to come in handy for the ride back when we have loads of fake DVDs.