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Boataroo June15th-16th

Written on: Friday June 15th, 2007

A journal entry from: Boataroo

What i thought would be a five hour drive turned out to be an eight. I had a million snags before leaving so I was racing the clock the entire drive up. I pulled in with less than 5 minutes before i was supposed to be on stage.I half expected to be told off and sent back home but i wasn't. The organizer of the event, Jason, was more than friendly torwards me which isn't a common thing with promoters i've dealt with. So without a planned set list and only one guitar tuned up, i winged it more than i think i ever have. (okay i take that back, my show at the eagle street theatre last year where the headlining band didn't show up and i ended up playing for like three and a half hours that one was even sketchier).

I hadn't planned anything out for this show and since i've been recording the album I hate to say it but i really haven't been practicing any of my usual songs much. But it worked out, i ended up playing dammitt by blink 182, which is one of the only covers i play anymore, the crowd didn't come across like they'd be into blink but that was the song where people started coming up to the stage and singing along, it was what i needed to calm down and finish my time up relaxed. I'm content.

 I met so many great people that night. I have never been in a more relaxed or comfortable environment. I made some true friends in the time i was there. No one was judgemental, one of the guys from blue sky acoustic made the comment that it was the most forgiving crowd he'd ever seen, it would be impossible for me not to agree with him.

 Gabriel burns ended the night as the only Hard-Rock band of the day. They opened with a Bush cover that just pumped the entire crowd up. Everything short of a mosh pit was going on and i was right in the middle of it all, loving every minute of it.

 I left in such a hurry that my tent was left sitting in my drive-way at home. Someone actually had an extra one that they lent me which sure beat the idea of sleeping in my jeep, it wouldn't have been the first show for me to have done that though.  I went to sleep a little before three which almost felt wrong to me seeing how i usually go to bed around seven AM on a weekend night. even during the week i'm never asleep before four but it had been a long day.

 The crowd on saturday was picture perfect for an acoustic guy like myself. everyone was sitting not talking, recovering from the night before. This set went much better than the one the day before. I decided to do another cover but this one a little more obscure...Corey Smiths "twenty-one" which I learned maybe two days ago and have never played all of the way through.I got a lot of positive feedback on that one when i came off of the stage, i'll definately be playing that one again.

 Everyone that played was amazing. I mean no one that showed up wasn't on there A game, i felt almost out of my league, it was very humbling. Not two artist sounded alike. My favorite by far was Josh lane who was the first act on saturday, we're about the same age and have somewhat similar influences, i mean how could i not like a guy who covers dashboard confessional, that would almost be blasphemous. 

From this show i'm going to take away three memories that will be with me for the rest of my life.The first one being that while dan valencourt was playing it began to storm and rain intensely. The guys from Blue Sky Acoustic had a tent sat up in front of the stage in the back of what i'm going to call the lawn. Josh Lane pulled out his guitar and just started kind of picking around with no one really paying any attention. Next thing i know there's fifteen of us singing along with him. All classic songs,Bob seger,sublime, eagles which was probably the worst rendition of hotel california i've ever heard but we were having fun so it didn't care.  The rain stopped but we didn't. When we looked up at the stage there was dan just waiting patiently( If you want to see a very entertaining show check him out for sure).

the second memory i'll keep with me is of me and this girl i met april. I decided to go ahead and drive home on saturday night rather than sunday morning. A few friends asked me to stay but i really needed to get home. April said she'd walk me to my jeep. We looked across this field and there are hundreds of lightning bugs lighting the entire field up. April said she'd never caught one before, which i couldn't believe. So i pulled one out of the air and handed it to her. I was going to put it in my water bottle but she said she wanted to carry it for a little while and then she wanted to let it go, i found this very cute for some reason.

I had been driving for about two hours when i the third came to me. I was singing along with my ipod bracing myself for the drive ahead of me when i realized the difference i feel between going to a show and coming home from one. It's the same way everytime but this was the worst by far. On the way to a show i'm so ecstatic wih hope and going over all of the unknowns, a little fear mixed with excitement. The drive home is the complete opposite. For some reason i'll spend an hour or so kicking around memories that are so strong i almost want to call the people up that are involved, even if i haven't seen them and years, and just be like remember when ( I never do) and that just brings me down for somereason. i hate the thought that the best is behind me, I mean nomatter how great a show goes i'm still alone for that drive without anyone to experience it with me. Shortly after i get passed the memories i get this dread feeling that i have to go back to the same old life where there are no unknowns nothing to be afraid of nothing to be excited about. A life where we all just drift into the monotany until we're stuck in a routine where we barely exist, just drifting, drifting, drifting, until there is no color, nothing but gray that is fading to black. That feeling will stick with me for the rest of my drive, back to my real life, where there's nothing special about me, back to a place where dreams go to die. I hadn't ever put my drives into perspective before driving home from alpena.

 This weekend was amazing, the only downside was that it had to end. i hope they'll have me back next year, i want to experience everything about that place again.Thanks to everyone i met.... I pray that we all meet again, i really do.