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arriving in Auckland and the events that transpired on the airplane

Written on: Monday September 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: New Zealand

Erin and I left for Auckland around 12:30 in the afternoon on September 8th. All 3 planes were on time and our baggage arrived in Auckland safe and sound and in one piece (a first for me). The last plane ride, from LAX to Auckland was 12 hours but we each got an entire row to ourselves! It would have been such a peaceful sleep had the child sitting behind not felt it necessary to kick my seatback every few minutes while crying at the top of her lungs..

We got to the airport around 5am on September 10th, having completely lost Sunday the 9th. Which was odd. Oh and Erin was almost not let into the country... because she didn't have the receipt for her ticket to Japan. But the customs guy was nice and let her pass. Not quite sure what we would have done otherwise!

So 5 am found us sitting at the arrivals gate in the Auckland International airport on one of the couches using their free internet with no plans or a place to stay whatsoever. (We were so preoccupied with the getting to NZ we forgot to plan for once we arrived :) But we did a quick search of hostels in the area and found one that recommended this cheap cab service to get there and we made a phone call and we were off..