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Getting settled

Written on: Thursday September 6th, 2007

A journal entry from: Exchange in Pecs, Hungary

Pecs in an amazing little town, and despite a few minor hiccups in and around Budapest I made it here alive and well (if a tad bruised and battered). One suitcase handle and 10 000 Ft later I made it to my dorms in Pecs, where the accomodation is not quite what I'm used to. I've lived in dirty places before, but this is just special. Luckily I have befriended all of the Erasmus exchange students who live on the fourth floor and are blessed with several modern ammenities, such as a kitchen, shower curtains in the bathrooms, laundry facilities, a common room... After almost a week of running around we Canadians now have "official" access, so no more sneaking around like bandits in the night.

My classes are shaping up to be nice and relaxing. After my correspondance course this summer I need fewer credits, which I will be getting in only 3 classes: Hungarian Language, Advertising and Sales Promotions, and Creative Management. Of the three, only one has started so far - Creative Management only lasts a month and I won't start that until November.

Today was a wandering day, which I spend in the old city centre. I ran into Deanna, one of the Italian Erasmus students and she kept me company and was very patient with my constant photography stops. We saw the Turkish Mosque turned Catholic Church, took a tour of the Cathedral of Pecs, a beautiful and very imposing structure, and found some quaint little public gardens. My favorite part, of course, was the section of the city where the old city walls are still standing.

Culture during the day, fun at night - the Erasmus students certainly live up to their reputations. Hungarian wine is both cheap (2-6 CAD/bottle) and wonderful, and the discos are full beyond capacity every night of the week. I'm slowly building my Hungarian repetoire - so far I can say hello/goodbye, thank you, please, and I'm sorry... more to come (hopefully!) Not many Hungarians speak or understand English, and it's proving more challenging that I had originally anticipated, but I love every second. This weekend there are some welcoming activities planned for us, and next weekend a group of us are heading for Croatia and the Balklands.