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Seattle Day 3

Written on: Tuesday May 29th, 2007

So I know I may have not really let people down, but kind of disappointed them by not finishing this journal.  I didn?t do so because when I was in Seattle, we were doing stuff nonstop and I had very few moments to spend writing on this.  So here?s what I?m gonna do.  I?m going to type up a play-by-play of everything we did in Seattle and post LOTS of pictures and then I?ll probably write some kind of ?reflection? on it all.


Alright, so the next day in Seattle, we got up and did our thing and left to go ?you guessed it ? DOWNTOWN!  We were both pretty hungry so we went to this place in Pike?s Place market and grab some fish and chips.  It was the restaurant that Tom Hanks and some other guy were at during the filming of Sleepless in Seattle.  They had little plaques that said ?Tom Hanks sat here? which was a bit corny, but who cares?  So we got our fish and chips, Mindy got her cocktail sauce, and we took a quick stroll through Pike Place to see everything and make our way to the park.  We got there, ate some delicious food, enjoyed the view, and then strolled back through Pike?s Place.  I saw the place where they throw the fishes and all, but I didn?t actually see them do that.  We did stop by this one stand and try some bread dipping sauces that were pretty flippin fantastic.  And we also stopped to meet Mindy?s friend Anna, whom worked at this store where they sell everything Lavender (the herb, not the color).  Oh Yeah!  I remember what else we did this day!


            We went over to Abba?s place for a little bit, met her kitten who was ridiculously afraid of the vacuum cleaner and Mindy was lucky enough to have her crawl all over her back.  Saw a little bit of University of Washington (aka U Dub) and then caught a bus so we could go see Seattle University (home of the Masters of Arts in Existential-Phenomenological Therapeutic Psychology).  Abba was quite confident that the bus we had gotten on was the correct one.  And we believed her!  Ha!  Mindy should?ve known better!  After a while Mindy asked for a map of the bus route, looked at it and realized ?This doesn?t go by Seattle University!?  And then Abba got a map and realized ?This doesn?t go to Pike?s Place!?  Luckily we WERE downtown so we got off of the bus and headed toward Pike?s Place, where Abba was going to be working and ?hocking fruit.?  And that?s when we went to eat (I think!  Details become difficult a week and a half later!)  And after eating, we came back out and Abba gave us a bruised pear and a nectarine that had some skin missing.  I got the former, Mindy got the latter, but she wanted to trade.  And we did.  And the nectarine was MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD!!!  The pear not so much.  And then we jumped on a bus to Seattle University, got there, and looked around a bit.  It?s a pretty nice place. 


            It?s a University in the city, but everything is in one central location, so it?s not quite so crazy as I would describe UGA or GT to be.  It was actually quite pretty.  We found the Arts and Sciences building, used the restrooms and headed up to the third floor.  It was around 5 or so by now so most people were gone, but the secretary was still there and we asked her a few questions and got a few brochures on the program.  It looked pretty awesome!  Then we wandered around the campus a little longer, Mindy peeked in their Chapel (It?s a Jesuit school), and found our way out.


            So after that we headed back to her place to rest for just a few and then we went to Tost (pronounced Toast) for a Poetry Slam.  A poetry slam, for the uninitiated, is where people get on a stage and read a poem they?ve written.  They compete with a number of other people as well for, typically, a cash prize or something like that.  So it?s a poetry reading/writing competition.  Tonight, however, was going to be a ?Lyrics Slam.?  The people who were prepared brought lyrics to random songs and they read them aloud as if it was a poem (These kinds of poems typically are dramatic and intense in the way they are read).  And tonight, I got to be a judge.  The judge has a score paddle and scores the poetry/lyrics reading on a scale of 1.0-10.0 Olympics style.  I was told I was a good candidate for judging since I?d never been to a slam before.  And Mindy introduced me to the guy as Skinny D.  So when the judges were announced, I was Skinny D.  Before the slam began, there were a few people with some Open Mic type poems they wanted to read that were cool.  And then the fun began.


            The way the slam works is you?ve got the group of people (tonight it was 5 people) and you pick at random for the order they go in and once they?ve all gone, they go again but in reverse order.  Every reading gets scored.  Then the three highest scores move on to the final round where they each read one last poem.  So some of the selections we heard were Fire Water Burn, If You Like Pina Coladas, I?ll Be Watching You, and Come Sail Away.  The three people that moved on to the final round were the DJ that was there playing music between readings and such, the director of the event (who did a delightfully creepy job on ?I?ll Be Watching You?), and this REALLY impressive girl.  The other people didn?t really read the poems well or with much energy or intensity but these people did.  After their final readings, everyone got their scores and the impressive girl, Alyssa Bell was her name, got a perfect score on her last one.  I don?t remember the name of it, but I think we were all pretty amazed.


            After that, we were both pretty exhausted so we just got a taxi home and CRASHED.  And that was it for the day!


            I may update again today, I may wait till tomorrow because, as you can see, I can?t exactly keep it short and it takes a lot to write this much!  I WILL finish, however.  I assure you!


From MINDY on Jul 9th, 2007

SLACKER!!!!! at least put up the rest of the pics....slacker! loveyou....