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Travel Journal: Central and South America


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May 11th 2008
adios amigos
May 25th 2008
and so it begins..... Antigua, Guatemala
Jun 16th 2008
Antigua to Livingston
Jun 24th 2008
The best Guats has to offer....
Jul 8th 2008 Xela, Guatemala
Jul 9th 2008
Bienvenidos a Mexico
Jul 16th 2008
Can't believe this is Mexico!
Jul 19th 2008
Mexico City, pop. 19 million (at a guess)
Jul 27th 2008
Oaxaca Oaxaca Oaxaca!
Jul 29th 2008
Colonial towns, 40 degree heat and lost days on a Carribean island
Aug 15th 2008
Take me to the August sun in Cuba!
Sep 10th 2008 Map reference
Sep 17th 2008
Diving Honduras style
Sep 26th 2008 Map reference
Sep 26th 2008
Bizarre and beautiful Nicaragua
Oct 11th 2008
the simple life....costa rican style
Oct 19th 2008
Panama and its famoso Canal
Oct 27th 2008
Pirates of the Carribean
Nov 6th 2008
Mudding it up in Cartagena
Nov 14th 2008
The Lost City
Nov 20th 2008
From the coast to the capital...
Dec 2nd 2008
Adios Colombia....
Dec 20th 2008
In Ecuador....and lovin' it!
Dec 27th 2008
Galapagos: 'Sea Lions and Turtles and Blue Footed Boobies....Oh MY!'
Jan 6th 2009
The path to Peru....
Jan 22nd 2009
5 treks, a wedding and a hail storm
Feb 13th 2009
4000 kilometre Amazonian odyssey...
Mar 6th 2009
Mar 15th 2009
When my baby, when my baby smiles at me I go to...
Mar 26th 2009
I G U A Z U !!
Apr 7th 2009
Southern Bolivia.....
Apr 24th 2009
The mountains and the supposed capital
May 17th 2009 The adventures of Kate & Jacqui
May 21st 2009
Sibling shinanagans
May 21st 2009
An Incan naval and following their footsteps...
May 22nd 2009
To Mars and back...
Jun 3rd 2009
Travelling with the padres
Jun 16th 2009
Fanny on the road, the new beau, a smidgen of wine and a detour
Jul 24th 2009
The lakes district and the dog lady!
Jul 26th 2009
At the end of the world.....(well almost)
Aug 18th 2009 Adios.... and G'day!!

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