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Written on: Tuesday April 1st, 2008

A journal entry from: ASIA PART II

A kind of India happens everywhere, that's the truth too; everywhere is terrible and wonder-filled and overwhelming if you open your sense to the actual pulsating beat

Salman Rushdie



I will never fully understand yet I have completely fallen in love with this subcontinent. It has the ability to overload the senses with sights, sounds, smells and tastes and it remains to be a place filled with beauty and filth, passion and poverty. The kaleidoscope ensemble that India has become delivers an unforgettable experience and leaves those who bear witness that feeling of truly being alive.

It's grip takes hold of the imagination. While images never imagined and first moments teach such pure and simple lessons, India is such a place I can see and feel the spirit of humanity and learn more of my place and purpose in this global village that we live in. There is an essence that lingers in your dreams and settles in your heart.

For some, the continuous sensory assault will leave you wanting more, while others fight the urge to collapse underneath such stress. I am still taken by how the smell of spice prevails over open sewage on the streets. I have been welcomed time and time again into homes only to share a cup of chai and a home-cooked meal with newly acquainted friends. There is such grandeur and backwardness to encounter, yet somehow I have managed to adapt. And just when you think your backpack can't get any heavier, and you've never been hotter in that single moment or that you have absolutely nothing left in you for your bowels to purge. It may feel as though your spirit has been broken and you've been pushed to the edge. Take a deep breath. Accept it. Appreciate it. Allow it. That's India.... well if only it were that simple to describe.


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