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Written on: Sunday January 13th, 2008

A journal entry from: ASIA PART II

Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Upstairs Food Court Seating Area

Managed to keep my witts about me this time around as I said my farewells. My eyes burned as I fought hard to hold back my tears. Take good care in India my family reminds me... I pray hard that I'll be okay. It poured the entire day. It came down in sheets of water, flooding the filthy streets of Metro Manila. It smells and the water is black as it splashes against my legs. It should feel like the pollution is being washed away, but the rain makes the city look even dirtier than it is. The air is cool. I grabbed an umbrella and my zip-up before I headed out the door to meet my cousins for my farewell dinner. I enjoyed my last night in the Philippines with loved ones and promised them that I would be back sooner than later. I hope to extend my stopover in Manila for several days on my way back home.

Immodium - Check. Aviators - Check. Passport - Check. My backpack is clearly overpacked, but I remind myself of my no attachment rule so that I may easily rid of items when I regain my sensibility and my back starts giving me grief.

En route now to Mumbai, in transit at the Hong Kong airport for dummies. Interesting, after the SARS scare, the airport adopted the procedure of doing thermal body temperature checks on all passengers upon arriving and those in transit through Hong Kong. The airport is well laid out and there are bilingual signs every which way directing you where you need to go. It is perhaps one of the most efficient airport systems around the globe. I am also taking full advantage of their free airport-wide Wi-Fi as I type away and get everyone up to speed.

So Manila Mode has now been switched off and I can't even begin to describe where my head is at right now. This rock in my gut is making me sick and the nerves are rapidly eating away at my sanity, but then the excitement ensues and it stimulates my curiosity and motivates me to get on that plane. And so I advise myself again and again - expect the unexpected, hope for the best and anticipate the worst.

Money belt strapped on and my gold Gola's laced up... India inspire because here I come!!!!