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Travel Journal: Thailind in 3 weeks


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Nov 3rd 2007
So this is Phuket hey?
Nov 4th 2007 1st and last day in Phuket all over
Nov 5th 2007 Ok, so maybe not the last day in Phuket
Nov 7th 2007
Still in Phuket...
Nov 8th 2007 Finally made it out of Phuket!
Nov 9th 2007 More rain in Phi Phi
Nov 11th 2007
Oh noes, not feeling so well :(
Nov 12th 2007 Random ftw... and a puck you weather ffs!
Nov 12th 2007 Railay beach
Nov 13th 2007 Climbing
Nov 15th 2007 Bangkok
Nov 17th 2007 Leaving Bangkok
Nov 18th 2007 Chiang Mai
Nov 20th 2007 Sick again!
Nov 22nd 2007 Walking, walking and... more walking. And waiting.
Nov 24th 2007 Festivals, learning to cook and going home :(

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