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Travel Journal: A little bit of South America


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Oct 30th 2008 TGIN (well almost)
Nov 7th 2008 Day 1 Over
Nov 8th 2008
Buenos Aires to Lima
Nov 9th 2008
Nov 10th 2008
Mountain Biking
Nov 11th 2008 The Sacred Valley & Ollantaytambo
Nov 12th 2008
Lares Trek Day 1
Nov 13th 2008
Lares Trek Day 2
Nov 14th 2008
4600m Above The Sea
Nov 14th 2008 Lares Trek Day 3 and Aguas Calientes
Nov 15th 2008 Machupicchu and Wayna Picchu
Nov 16th 2008 Cuzco again
Nov 17th 2008 Into Puno
Nov 18th 2008
Lake Titicaca islands & chillin with the locals
Nov 19th 2008 The Floating Islands & Back to Puno
Nov 20th 2008
Crossing the Border - Heading to La Paz
Nov 21st 2008
Pre Inca Archeological Site & Valley of the Moon
Nov 22nd 2008 When In Rome (or rather La Paz)
Nov 23rd 2008
The Most Dangerous Road in the World... on a Mountain Bike... with no sleep
Nov 24th 2008 Sleep and Potosi
Nov 28th 2008 The Atacama desert
Nov 29th 2008 Ouch
Dec 1st 2008 Salta & Steaks
Dec 3rd 2008 Back in BA
Dec 5th 2008 Home Time :(

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