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Fort Myres - Most popular city in the heart of Florida

Written on: Saturday April 4th, 2009

A journal entry from: A Great Fun of Adventurous


Ft. Myers is a very small city in the united states ofFlorida. Being a small city, this city is now growing rapidly and at presentthis city has become a booming town with great sightseeing, attractions,entertainment also. This city has a close proximity to all the major cities. Ialso came to know about this city very much when I get the chance to visit thiscity. I came to this city because I don't have so many holidays which weregiven to me for my work in office. So being a close proximity from my hometownI opted this city. Before going to this city I was worried a very little foraccommodation. For staying there I search ft. myershotels on net. By searching on net I did not found any specificsite that can give me cheap hotels. While searching, a guy came near to me andasks what are you doing? At this, I told him about my situation and he suggestme hotel site which give you a lot of hotels in ft.myres. When I visit on this hotel site, I feel very surprise afterseeing the list of cheap ft. myres hotels and I made my reservation throughthis site and get discount offer also. This discount offer makes my trip moreinteresting. After reservation, I wait for my trip date. After catching my tripdate, I fly to this city by air with a lot of excitement in heart. On the firstday of my trip, I reached to this city at the time of noon. My flight droppedme on international airport. After leaving the flight I came outside theairport with my luggage and take breakfast from a restaurant. After takingbreakfast, I hire a taxi to catch my hotel. My hotel was situated at a very fewdistance from airport. While driving in taxi, my taxi driver showed me skylineof this city to which them I take a lot of enjoy. That guy nature was veryfriendly. I think that why not I contact him for visiting this city. I gave himproposal to visit this city at which he agreed. My taxi driver showed me otherattractions also which were in the way. As I reached to my hotel then feel veryexcited to see my hotel because it was very nice with all the facilities andavailable on discount offer also. This day first of all I take some rest andafter taking rest I take some refreshment and enjoy the facilities of my hotel.At time of late evening, I went outside the hotel. I went to market where Itake some junk food like cold drinks, juice, fruits and sandwich also. Frommarket I take a travel book by which I know more about this city. I alsointeract with people to know more about this city. At the time of night, Ireached to my hotel where I take dinner and went to my room for taking a goodsleep. On the second day of my trip, I get up early in the morning by gettingthe message that my taxi has been reached to my hotel's parking. After leavingbed, I follow daily routine and take breakfast. This day I went to Edison andford winter estates which were very nice museums with invention of objects,theatres, and exhibitions to which them I take enjoy. Beautiful and interestingplantings were the main attractions at ground. After seeing this I also saw theSanibel lighthouse which was very interesting with colorful lights. At night Itake my dinner in a restaurant and I also include taxi driver in my company.After taking dinner he left me at hotel. After reaching to hotel I saw movie inmy room and went to bed for sleeping. On the third day, first of all I saw redsox training institute and Minnesota twins training where I saw baseball matchwhich was very interesting. This day I went to music clubs for enjoying thenightlife of this city and take the dinner and went to bed. On the fourth day,I went to other attractions and markets for shopping. This day I checked out myhotel and my taxi driver left me on airport where I paid his rent and fly tohome with nice moments. These day were less by with the help of my taxi driverI covered them. This city is very nice and while going to home I also promisethis city for again visiting this city.