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Macedonia.......where's that?

Written on: Sunday September 30th, 2007

A journal entry from: Umm....where's Dave??

Quick info:

People: Very friendly, speak enough english. Macedonian Christians and a lot of Albanian Muslims.

Money: Macedonian Denars. One of the cheapest countries in Europe.

Weather: Cold in the capital, Skopje and in the mountains, but warmer near Albanian border...Meditteranean climate.

Scenery: Capital Skopje is a bit of an ugly spot, with many homes abandoned or half built.....obviously not a wealthy country. Mountainous in the middle, but the nice parts are near the Albanian border around lake Ohrid.

....... 16 hours on a train from Athens, Ely and I arrived to a very ugly and run down train station in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, with no idea what we were going to do. We are met off the train by taxi drivers who want to take our bags, book all of our future travel plans in Europe and take us probably to their house to stay. So we palm them off with some difficulty and decide we'll spend the day seeing Skopje and then head to a place called Ohrid in the evening.

Half a day is about all you need in smelly Skopje and we realise soon enough that apart from a small old town, the place doesnt have too much to attract tourists. Its full of old Yugoslav square, grey apartment blocks........more to be added soon.