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Mt Bromo

Written on: Sunday March 16th, 2008

After leaving Yogyakarta and before relaxing in hot weather by the beach, I decided to make my final sight seeing trip to the active Volcano on the east of Java - Mount Bromo.

I had been used to hot weather for the last few months, and it was a weird feeling on the drive up the mountain as we ascended into colder weather. We were to arise at 4am the next morning for our trip up to the top of the volcano to watch the sun rise and at that time of the morning it was bloody freezing. Myself and an English girl I had met on the bus journey decided to hire horses along with guides to take us up to the top. She however (as a competent rider) was intent on riding the horse without the guide holding on to the reigns and so I decided I would be too.... despite not riding properly since my uncle taught me at the age of 12. Reluctantly our guides gave in and so immediately we raced off with our poor guides running after us - I surprised myself and actually did quite well. One of them actually gave up and went home, whilst the other guide tried to keep up and keep control of us.

Once at the volcano we walked up the lengthy stairs to the top where we walked the circumference and watched the sunrise.... another sunrise, although this one was maybe the best - the views were stunning. The only negative aspect was when the wind blew the volcanic fumes in our direction and having to take a lungful of sulphur which isn't that nice, but a very small price to pay for standing on top of a volcano.