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Written on: Wednesday March 12th, 2008

One and a half hours on my fist plane of the trip and I arrived in the capital of Indonesia.

Not my favourite place to be honest, full of concrete and rain. I forgot to take my camera out with me on my only day out here, so no pics I'm afraid..... no worries, you haven't missed much. The only memorable event was when I took a trip to the local pharmacy to get some bug spray, and on the way was smiled and winked at and then followed by a very camp Indonesian guy who minced behind me all the way to the pharmacy where he waited outside for me. Being alone, and I'm not afraid to admit, quite scared of him, I exited the shop and broke into as fast a walking pace as I could to get away.... thankfully he got the message and didn't follow.

Later I realised how cheap this country was going to be, when I purchased my dinner (the classic satay dish) for 40p from a street vendor.


From The Great Custardo on Mar 29th, 2008

A plane, you judas, what do you think you're playing at?