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Singapore - decisions decisions

Written on: Saturday March 8th, 2008

Since the start of this journey, plans have changed often and Singapore was the final time I would make a lot of planning decisions before heading off to Oz.

Firstly coming to Singapore, which wasn't originally going to be a stop of ours mainly because it's expensive and there's not a lot to do, but I thought I'd give it a go as I was already close by, if only for a few days.

Nearly as soon as I had arrived at the hostel I was seriously thinking about how I was going to get to Oz from Indonesia without a plane. Most websites say it can't be done as there are no passenger ferries that run between the two countries (except the ones carrying illegal immigrants) and the few that do don't make it sound easy. With dwindling funds and a limited amount of time, I thought it best to sort out a flight and be done with it. I've done enough of the world without a plane already and now I can relax in the final leg of the journey.

Once the Indo-Oz flight was booked, I thought "what the hell" and booked a cheap flight from Singapore to Jakarta. After studying a map of the huge archipelago I realised it would be a very rushed month if I was going to see what I wanted to see and have time to relax at the beach.

So the title of my journey has now changed to "Round the World without a plane for the majority of it and where overland/sea transport is feasible and I can be arsed and afford to do it" 

As for Singapore, I stayed for four days in the Little India area (which was my favourite place) and enjoyed some good food and a big Saturday night out with myself as company. The zoo was alright too, except for the monsoon rain that soaked me.