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Taman Negara

Written on: Tuesday March 4th, 2008

The main attraction for me in Malaysia was always the Rain Forest/National Park of Taman Negara. So I booked up a three night stay which included a number of tours of the area.

My first day was mainly travel to the National Park from Kuala Lumpur. After arriving at Kuala Tembling jetty just outside the rain forest in the afternoon, I boarded a boat for the two hour ride up river into the heart of the forest. I checked in, had some dinner, then went out on a guided night walk of the nearby jungle. Highlights included a bunch of rather large stick insects, giant ants, glowing mushrooms and a huge bird-eating spider (tarantula).

Day two's highlight was the canopy walk. Unfortunately half of it was closed off, but luckily the parts that were open included the longest hanging foot-bridge in the world. It was good fun if not over a little too quickly. We then trekked up to the view points of Bukit Teresek where the views were spectacular. After this we visited the local Orang Asli tribe's village where we were allowed to walk around freely taking pictures, although I didn't take any close-ups as it I felt awkward walking up to people and snapping away at them whilst they were sitting in their homes. We then had a demonstration from a tribesman of how to make a fire using pieces of the forest, and how to kill monkeys using a bamboo blow-dart, afterwhich we were given a chance to show off our own shooting skills with the blow dart at a cuddly toy "tweetie" bird. I'm pleased to say that out of our group I was the only one to successfully hit the target!

My next tour was a disappointing ride in one of the wooden long boats over the river "rapids" which weren't very "rapidy" at all, although I did get a bit wet. Finally that night I joined in on a Night Safari in a four-wheel-drive pick up on a dirt track through the jungle, managing to spot a couple of Leopard-cats, a snake, an owl, and a baby snake. It's a shame my camera wasn't up to the job and couldn't take any decent photos though.

Day three was simply the journey home, so again I took the two hour boat ride back down the river to catch the coach back to Kuala Lumpur.