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Ko Phi Phi

Written on: Wednesday February 13th, 2008

After nearly destroying my brain in Ko Phangan I thought it wise to head over to the west coast island of Ko Phi Phi and continue to do so, after receiving an email from one of the Staines boys telling me how great it is and how many nice women there are.

This is actually where my plans to see as many of the islands as possible went completely wrong. I ended up staying here for nearly a week and then it was too late to see any other islands as I needed to head back to Ko Phangan for the Full Moon Party.

Never mind as even though Phi Phi has also given in to tourism, it is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever been too, with perhaps the most stunning place being the small island where they filmed "The Beach", where we actually camped overnight, avoiding the masses of visitors during the day.

The other reason I'll remember Phi Phi is it is where I got my first tattoo... (sorry Mum).