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Written on: Saturday February 2nd, 2008

A lot of people fly through Bangkok just using it to move on to other places, after all it is the major transport hub for SE Asia. As capital cities go I actually quite like the place. As expected it is full of street sellers and market stalls in your face trying to get some of your cash. But I felt a slight sense of relief after a long time of travelling through less well developed areas to find internet access that really is quick, ATMs on every street corner, as well as everything you could need to buy available to you - so I took the opportunity to get my broken camera fixed.

We stayed in 'My House' guest house near the infamous Khaosan Road - the busiest street for backpackers and tourists wanting to buy crap and get drunk.

Our first day we spent looking around the place at the various temples and Buddha statues and then in the evening it was time for me to say goodbye to Pato and Santi who were heading south the following evening. So as is traditional in most countries we went out into the town and got completely wasted.

The next day I spent in bed whilst the guys had a proper look around the city before waving them off in the evening. My next day was spent solo, moving eastwards across Bangkok where I got to ride the Sky Train.