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Written on: Friday February 1st, 2008

Another night bus and pretty restless night and we arrived in the town of Ayuthaya at 5am. No guest houses were open so we caught up with a bit of sleep on the reception floor of "Tony's Guest House" where we eventually booked ourselves into.

Again we spent a day looking at temples but these were actually quite impressive, and we were on motorbikes for the day so it made up for it. However the highlight for me was visiting the Elephant Park - apparently it was started up by some Thai bloke who bought his daughter a baby elephant for her birthday and ended up getting quite a few more. These elephants provide rides to the public during the day and in the evening (free of charge) you can go into the park and feed the elephants, watch them have their evening wash, and play with the free-running baby elephants. This was a whole lot better than the elephant riding we did in Chiang Mai as the elephants seemed to be a lot better taken care of and also appeared to be a lot happier.

We spent one evening here where I got to test my Spanish skills with Pato and Santi and another group of consisting of a couple of Argentinians, one Spanish and one Italian. I was pretty much silent the whole time, but occasionally got the gist of the conversation. I need to go to South America to practice I reckon.