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Houay Xai

Written on: Sunday January 27th, 2008

After another eight or so hours on the slowboat we finally arrived in the border town of Houay Xai, which lies on the East of the Mekong. To the West is Thailand. Unfortunately (as the guide book had warned us of) the boat has a habit of turning up to the border just after it has shut for the evening at 6pm. We arrived at 6:15.

So everyone that wanted to cross that night ended up having an extra night in Laos. I shared a room with a couple of Argentinian guys that had been on the boat (but I hadn't met) and got chatting to them as we were walking into town.

The next day we made our way over to Thailand. It was absolutely pissing down with rain, and we had to cross the Mekong in a very narrow half sunken boat which was an amusing experience. After arriving on the Thai side we were faced with another relatively easy border consisting of an office where we had to obtain our entry stamps and not a lot else. Next was the mini bus to Chiang Mai.