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Luang Prabang

Written on: Tuesday January 22nd, 2008

What turned out to be my final proper stop in Laos was actually pretty non-eventful. People I met along my travels had been raving on about how "chilled" Luang Prabang is but I actually found it a little boring. True the town is pretty but it just came across as a little bit poncy for my liking, with its art galleries and arty people poncing about in poncy little cafes. More of a holiday destination for 40 something French people I reckon. Also as you know I am thoroughly sick of temples and this town is full of them, so it held little attraction for me.

We spent some time out of town exploring the nearby Kouang Si waterfalls with its caged bears and Tiger, but apart from that the major event of this town was the breaking of the Dave/Si partnership.

Originally we naively thought we'd be in Australia by February but as it turns out it is impossible to see three countries in three weeks! So, already running way behind original schedule and with the inevitable money constraints and the hope of making the Aussie ski season, I have decided to push on whilst Si will be taking more time to explore South East Asia.

Next stop Thailand.