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Written on: Sunday January 13th, 2008

So far one the nicest capital cities we have visited in my opinion. I say nicest, because that's all it is - nice.

Not much to do here really, so we hired out a moped and took a ride out of town to visit the Buddha Park, which consisted of weird scupltures created by someone either very clever or slightly insane. The best of the bunch was an interactive sculpture which you could climb inside and to the top of. Not being one for sculptures and pretty sick of seeing Buddhas, I was pleasantly surprised by the park and found myself enjoying it for about an hour.

We also took time to wander around the city and Si managed to get some games of basketball in. Another temple was visited (damn me for going back on my word) and apart from a pretty poor effort at a round of golf (complete with our own caddies) that's about it.