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Don Det

Written on: Tuesday January 8th, 2008

After finally leaving Cambodia a little later than expected we made our way via minibus over the unofficial border into Laos.

After hearing the stories of how laid back Laos is, and how friendly the Lao people are, I was quite excited about venturing into the country. I was not at all disappointed on reaching our first stop of Don Det. A tiny little island in a group of hundreds of islands in the Mekong river in the South of Laos.

There was not much to do apart from explore the island by day, including the waterfalls of the neighbouring island of Don Khon, and get drunk by night at one of the few bars on the island. It is also true that the Lao people are really laid back and very welcoming and friendly and they aren't constantly trying to sell something to you as we found in previous Asian countries.

The attraction of Don Det for me was the simple life it presented: only three hours of electricity per day at the riverside huts we stayed in, and total darkness across the whole island by 11pm; waking up and taking some time to relax on my hammock outside my room door overlooking the river.

All in all I have to say one of my favourite places on this trip so far, if not the favourite.